The sign on your door has changed. The welcoming information that ‘Dr Ada is IN (7-8 am Mondays only)’ has vanished. The cartoon showing Garfield on a Runic dig – your little bit to encourage employability – lies scrunched up in your rubbish bin.

All comers to your office door are instead greeted by inscrutable laminate fasciaboard.

You are no longer IN. But neither are you entirely OUT.

Welcome to Cactus Land, dear Reader.

You have just realised that the small print in your voluntary redundancy letter, sent last Wednesday, said something about remaining in post for several months.

As you sit in your denuded office, surrounded by bin bags full of documents marked ‘Shred’, holding your breath as your more persistent students visitors scrabble at your door and shout ‘I know you’re in there’, you consider the shadowy, seemingly interminable interval that lies ahead, between idea and reality, thought and act, posting of redundancy letter and skipping merrily into the embrace of self-employment.

There is only one thing to do, dear Reader.

Yes. You must now implement Rule No. 2, and Get the Most Out of Your Colleagues While You Have Them.


2 thoughts on “Cactus Land

    1. Dear Mise,

      How clever of you to anticipate my forthcoming blog post on making the best use of headed notepaper in your entrepreneurial future.

      Of course, if you find a wheelbarrow the most effective mode of transport for all those fiddly paperclip boxes and tangled balls of elastic bands, by all means use a wheelbarrow!

      Unfortunately the location of the Department of Runic Studies on Floor 7.5 of the Humanities Beacon is not wheelbarrow-friendly, but I did manage to rig up a neat little basket and pulley contraption which did the trick – albeit with some alarming creaking under the weight of several reams of A3 photocopier paper.

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