The problematic reference, dear Reader, begins like this:

Dr Ada Lamb is widely respected in the hieroglyphics community for her meticulous compilation over a period of over twenty years of the definitive thirty-volume Syllabic Dictionary of Runes, derived from cross-comparative analysis of Runic codex C and the  Kievan birch bark papyrii…

And so on, dear Reader, for ten more pages.

It is no reflection on Professor Beauregard, Head of Hieroglyphology and co-convenor on the final-year Decoding Codices from 3000 AD to Present Day module, that you are left with a nagging sense of unease as you read the all-purpose reference she has left in your pigeonhole.

Unlike you, dear Reader, Professor Beauregard has no sense of the way in which the entrepreneurial winds of our times are blowing. You, dear Reader, have a finer grasp of the zeitgeist.

We turn now to Rule no. 3 –

Always Write Your Own Reference.


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