It may have occurred to you, dear Reader, that there has been very little actual doctoring going on of late.

As you know I have been busy with other things.

In addition, term does not start until next week.

But for those who demand proof of my unwavering devotion to pedagogy and student welfare, let me point you to my recent dealings with one Jenny Haniver, second-year student (Joint Honours Runic Studies and Meteoritics).

Yesterday Jenny dropped in to see me, unannounced, to demand updated copies of module handbooks, to express her outrage about her dismal performance in Runic Grammatology (42% at resit), and to state in no uncertain terms that she wishes to gain a First.

I can report to you that I dealt with Jenny swiftly. Jenny left this world my office with all her troubles laid to rest, the beneficiary of the many Wednesday afternoons I have spent with my colleagues in the pastoral care training unit.

Never let it be said, dear Reader, that I am not professional to the last.


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