It is cold, dear Reader. The wind is whistling down the vast medieval chimney in my rooms, ruffling Jenny’s hair a little. The french doors are firmly shut on the patio.

Not only is it cold, but I have received the first student complaint of the year. It came in the form of an email from the second-year student rep – a prosperous-looking young man who is never seen without a large golf umbrella.

He writes as follows:

Hi Dr Ada!!

In my capacity as twice-elected second-year rep the second years have asked me to call A Staff Student Laison Meeting as soon as Possible. They are absolutely outraged at the abcense of Professor Giselle, Many of them in fact absolutely cannot concentrate on their studies especially when I asked them this in the pub last night. We were promised the module on birchbark papyruses with Professor Giselle and frankly do not know for what we are paying our fees for.

Love Jasp x 😦

Elected Second Year Representitive

CEO, Viking Reenactment Soc

Head Intern, Bank of Argleton

No sooner than I had finished reading this missive at my Biedermeier escritoire than there came a knock at the door. I shivered.

The door opened a crack, letting the chill wind blow in.

It was Cornelia, the janitor, a cheerful woman with a low criminal forehead, bearing the news that due to university cutbacks the boiler room had run out of fuel. What was I to do about it, she demanded, in my capacity as Head of School?

As she talked, my eye fell on Jaspyr’s querulous little message.

‘Cornelia’, I said. ‘I think I have just the solution’.

Twenty minutes later, Cornelia had left the room, while I typed the following:

Dear Jaspyr,

I will be pleased to meet with you this afternoon to discuss staff-student liaison matters. NB due to unforeseen circumstances the meeting will take place in the boiler room (corridor C). Do not bring your umbrella.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Lamb

Head of Runeology

Keep warm, dear Reader. Winter is coming.


5 thoughts on “Winter is Coming

  1. I wonder, dear Ada, whether you should sort out an alternative heat source for your own office before so selflessly attending to the boiler needs of the masses, just as, on an aircraft, one is repeatedly told to don a dangling oxygen device oneself before helping fellow passengers?

    1. My own recent experience on my return flight from Hoffinghempton is that it is best to seize as many oxygen masks as possible when they pop out of the overhead lockers, ignoring the protests of your fellow passengers, and of course to ensure that you are second in line by the emergency exit (not first, of course: it is not dignified to have to struggle with the emergency handle only then to be sucked out onto the wing by the sudden drop in air pressure). One must help oneself before one can help others. PS My office is now toasty warm, dear Mise. Perhaps you will brave the icy corridors and pop in for a cup of tea some time?

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