Rats! Jaspyr has escaped the boiler room. More later, dear Reader.


11 thoughts on “Rule no. 5: Never Trust a Second-Year

      1. You mustn’t tell Ada, Lucille, but I like to give her a helping hand once in a while. Her flawed exterior masks a flawed interior, and one cannot help but pity her.

  1. Well she’s probably having TGIF port and lemon on her Knoll sofa so I’ll put my head above the parapet and say that I learnt long ago that pity was wasted on her. None of the teachers could cope with her. She reduced several to tears and locked Mam’selle in the stationery cupboard during French. (That was how we learnt ‘au secours!’)

  2. In that case, I am big enough to thank you for not picking me up on what should have been Knole as in Vita and not Knoll as in grassy. Also I have had a wee dram myself and am feeling a little less frazzled after the evening commute.

    1. I don’t know what you are insinuating, dear Lucinda, with your knoll/knole ‘confusion’. Yes, I had just popped into the Texas School Book Depository to check on the state of the Texan school books. And yes, I did indeed approach from Elm Street, via the heady open space of Dealey Plaza. And yes again, I may have lingered for a moment admiring the John Neely Brian North Pergola. But no – I was nowhere near the grassy knoll, not ever.

      1. Take a chill pill dear Adelaide. We may have been round the block a few times but at nine years old I think the nearest even you got to possessing a firearm was your brother’s popgun. How is Alan by the way? Did you remain estranged?

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