There has been talk, dear Reader. It would appear that Jaspyr was is not only staff-student liaison committee second-year rep, but is also heir apparent to the proprietor of the Daily Wind Instrument, our local newspaper.

I know this because I myself discovered that our visiting speaker on careers in the fashion industry was none other than Penny Whistle, senior reporter on the Daily Windy – as it is affectionately known in the SCR. *

I thought no more of this little fracas until a headline caught my eye the following day. It screamed, vulgarly:

daily wind instrument

I will say no more of this for now, dear Reader, apart from noting that I am not 56.


*We were just transitioning from powerpoint slide 42 to 43 in the visiting speaker’s talk (‘From Hieroglyphics to (H)employability’) when I noticed that his beard appeared to be drooping a little under the warmth of the spotlight. I passed a helpful note reminding him to speak up, and as I did so I managed to snag said beard on my clipboard. I whisked the clipboard to one side, and Lo! Dr Euphonium was Ms Whistle.


8 thoughts on “Wild Talk

  1. I was engrossed in the third panel of my triptych when the Daily Wind Instrument rang looking for a quotation about ‘the macaroons.’ Distracted by some difficulty with a brushstroke on the Madonna’s robe, I couldn’t understand what they were saying and how it pertained to my own fame as an acknowledged master macaron baker. How typical of a provincial newspaper not to know the difference, and, indeed, dear Ada, to totally misinterpret your benevolent efforts to save their hacks from the acknowledged menace of the oncoming

    1. Quite, dear Mise. You will be delighted to hear that your portrait of Madonna à la plage has been restored after the runic macaronics conference incident and it is looking super! I believe the restorer last worked on a fresco by Elías García Martínez, to worldwide acclaim.

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