Dear Reader,

I have given you so much already, I know, and so tirelessly. But this morning as I was surveying my sprawling internet empire I realised that it is time for another Rule.

How better to mould the bewildered, impressionable minds of my dear readers than to offer them a glimpse of my teaching philosophy?

So, dear Reader, consider this.

A few days ago I was just hitting my stride in my lecture on Runic psycho-poetics when I noticed a disturbance in the back row.

Closer inspection revealed that some manner of document was being passed between several students.

Dear Reader, painful though it is to do so, scholarship demands that I present this document to you in full:


You see, dear Reader? Ignore the back row at your peril.


5 thoughts on “Rule no. 6: Never Take Your Eye Off the Back Row

  1. Darren from IT services here returning your call (logged 2.5 months ago). Was it something about a photo of a motorbike? We couldn’t really hear the message on the answerphone. It sounded like a voice in the background saying help help it is giselle here help me she has just left the room I think she has gone crazy but that’s what happens with digital telecomms these days you do tend to get some crackling on the line and sometimes the mind plays strange tricks you know. The same thing happened to my gran last xmas. Anyway please leave another message ASAP and we will get back to you within 45 working days.

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