Dear Reader,*

It is time for me to pin my stocking to a tress of Jenny H’s hair, to place a saucer of sherry and a few freshly-minced pies next to the coal scuttle, and to watch Kind Hearts and Coronets for the hundredth time, taking careful notes as I do.

I do so hope you will join me in the New Year, dear Reader, to reflect upon the many ways in which you might better yourself, and to take your last, trembling steps through your final academic term before ascending to the glorious, entrepreneurial future.

Remember, dear Reader, I will always be with you, even when you think you are safe on your own in this challenging world. I wish you a happy and accident-free festive season.

Yours eternally,


*Due to the festive season there will be no untimely deaths in this post.


6 thoughts on “And a Jolly Festive Greeting to You

    1. And to you, dear Ms End. I have sent you a small token to thank you once again for the most timely shovel. Unaccountably, no one came to my Christmas party – so the Fedex van you can see just now pulling up outside your charming Shingle-style Louisiana mansion (how I adore those turrets!) is quite full of minced pies, just for you.

      1. The minced pies were a delightful surprise. I shared them with the neighbors before partaking myself (in the sprit of the season, of course) and we have all arrived in the new year without incident. There was a singular flavor to the pies which I could not immediately identify…do you share the recipe or is it an old family secret?

    1. I refer you to my family motto, dear Lucille — Be bloody, bold, and resolute. It is all the inspiration I ever need.

      PS. Your name was on everyone’s lips at last night’s clan gathering of the Lambs, as we sang Auld Lang Syne and raised a glass to you while commenting on your good health.

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