Dear Reader,

I was just striding to my escritoire to continue my futile attempts to further your education (coming up: lessons in literary theory 2: the doppelgänger), when I felt something give beneath one of my kitten heels.

No, dear Reader. It was not a teabag.

It was the latest offering from University Marketing, slipped under my door in the dead of night, with accompanying instructions to pass said document on to any visitor who may have become hopelessly lost in the twists and turns of modern university life.

It seems, dear Reader, to belong to someone already.


Further inspection reveals it to be a map of the Memorial Garden. Since I so often have to respond to queries from people unable to recall precisely who may or may not be under the patio, I have decided to post it here.

Study it carefully, dear Reader.


PS. Clicking on the map will make it bigger, you know.

PPS. Please tell ‘H.J.’ to report to me asap. There will be a test.


4 thoughts on “A Guide for the Hard of Memory

  1. Goodness me – it’s all even worse than I had remembered! Far worse!
    Find, to my great chagrin that although I remember Dr Ada’s mules (with great delight and with considerable envy) I have barely any recollection of most of those now ornamenting the Memorial Garden.
    HJ fears that she shall have to go back and read Dr Ada’s priceless words from the beginning of the academic year in order to keep up with the whirlwind she is sowing…
    She begs, further, not to be tested – especially not alone with Dr A….

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