…or so it seems, dear Reader. Unfortunately, I have been too busy following the stations of the cross to fill you in on last week’s events, so I have instead provided you with the most recent copy of The Daily Wind Instrument, our trusted local newspaper.

end of term

end of term2

end of term3


Please note, dear Reader, that if you insist on using that tawdry browser called Chrome (so 1990s!), the images will become very, very large if you click on them. Do not complain to me, dear Reader. Complain to Silicon Valley. Or use another browser. Others are available, I gather.



9 thoughts on “You Only Live Twice

    1. Well, my dear, so far we have firm bookings for five coach loads of pensioners, one A-level school trip, a corporate away day, and a private hen party. The University’s reputation rests in your capable hands.

  1. The University culture in your neck of the woods, my dear Dr. Ada, appears to be reaching Stalinesque proportions and gives rise to the speculation that the campus may end the Spring Term as a wasteland. Should this come to pass, I suppose you could charge hefty fees for the newly perfected “Romanov Makeover” technique in order to rebuild (I’m certain Prof. Lovage would agree to represent the UWL as its poster child).

    Let me assure you, Dr. Lamb, that I am grateful for the honorary doctorate you have bestowed on me. Those detractors who have suggested it is bribery for my silence, are simply motivated by envy and competition for your esteem.

  2. This is a very special message for my favourite first-year, dear, dear Speccy. My dear, the printers seem to have omitted your synchronised swimming display, scheduled for the morning of 15 May! I have invited the Senior Printer to my rooms this morning for a little talk about Standards and their decline in the modern world.

  3. Departing, dear Ada? Dare we hope that you will finally be leaving academia for the private sector, and glory?

    I am working on a triptych of some bunting in readiness.

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