Just clearing my throat, dear Reader.

Now that I have your attention, here is a word from our sponsor.


adlam emporium


15 thoughts on “The Grand Denouement

    1. Between you and me, my dear, it is entirely possible. I have not said so much while in the Emporium, of course, as she has a fierce temper. If you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of her frowning out of the window of the attic (where she produces her great oeuvres).

      1. possibly I could, if I could see the image in real size, not on my little screen….How lovely for her to be able to place herself and her studio in any wonderful building she chooses – what a conjuror she is.

  1. Perhaps you can help me, Ada dear. I am giving the third in a series of poorly attended night classes in Galway Prison on the inevitability of tragedy on the modern campus, and a bright young car-jacker has just asked me, “what EXACTLY is Dr Ada’s fatal flaw?”

    What shall I tell him? So many spring to mind.

  2. I note H’s clever spotting of the FB window. Am now hastening myself to the Adlam Emporium for further enlightenment.

  3. With the first of June fast approaching, I’m sure we’re all wondering about royalties for ancillary characters in the event of a Hollywood spin-off. You may assign Speccy’s royalties to me, as she has betrayed me.

    1. Sleep of Reason Productions begin filming next month, my dear. I told them you would all be grateful to consult ad honorem, and approved the merchandise on your behalf. The Lucille action figure is particularly fetching, with its little machete, as is the Mise tea-towel (reads ‘Is that you, Darren?’). Dear, dear Speccy’s royalties have already been earmarked for my Ada Lamb Indigent Entrepreneurs charity – do feel free to donate generously, my dear.

      1. The Lucille action figure de luxe version has a string in her back. When you pull it, it says, ‘Waah?’ with a rising inflection.
        I have vetoed the machete. As you knew I would.

  4. Ahem, too.

    Please excuse the intrusion on the witty repartee…but a little clarification would be greatly appreciated before I put my collection of garden spades on ebay to fund the purchase of an airline ticket: Is that Adlam or Bedlam?

    1. It depends on the angle of the sun, dear Nib. In the full morning light, it is Adlam. But many’s the time I have innocently glanced up at the magnificent art deco frontage as storm clouds gather, to see the word ‘Bedlam’ glimmering above me.

      We all do so hope you will soon find a buyer for your antique yardsticks and spades so you can join us for an end-of-year cocktail in the Senior Common Room.

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