Where were we, dear Reader?

Let me retrieve my narrative thread, and assure you that there was, in the end, no bloodshed.

‘Dr Ada Boudicca Cleopatra Lamb’, said Professor Sir Basil Lovage solemnly. ‘I hereby invest in you the Pro-Vice-Chancellorship of Taizhou Campus, with all the Rights, Profits, Territories and Appertenances thereof, and all Royalties, Revenues, Rents, Customs, Castles, Buildings and Fortifications, Privileges, Franchises, Pre-eminences, and Hereditaments thereto belonging, including the keys to the Vice-Chancellor’s wine cellar, for you to hold and maintain for the greater good of the University and the reputation of me, Professor Sir Basil -‘

‘Oh, do shut up, Daddy’, said Asafetida.

Sir Basil frowned, and balanced the tricorn of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University’s Taizhou Campus on my considerable cranium.

Permit me, dear Reader, a moment of quiet satisfaction, as I look out upon the skies from the University’s private jet, and anticipate my forthcoming procession down the Great Yangtze in a ceremonial barge pulled by swans, to the sounds of the University’s Anthem (Eastern Possessions).

Accompany me, dear Reader, to Taizhou.

The autumn term approaches, and there is much to do.


14 thoughts on “Encore

  1. A tricorn *and* a wine cellar; in the current sporting vernacular “the girl done good”. I’m delighted, dear Ada, that you have the recognition you deserve. What adventure!

    1. I am assured so, my dear. I did stress my dislike of vulgarity, so I assume they will limit themselves to a limousine at airport, barge, swans, fireworks, slow beating of drums, and a ceremonial dragon.

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