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12 thoughts on “Get Your Tickets Now

    1. Since you are first in line, dear ‘GJ’, please accept this complimentary cupcake, freshly baked by my loyal companion. I do so look forward to seeing you in Taizhou.

  1. I shall certainly be joining up to go on this journey. Perhaps you will soon go to space – the final frontier … who knows??

    1. Alas, dear ‘Liz’, I still await the result of my Starfleet application, sent in many moons ago. But I live in hope. In the meantime, perhaps you too would care to sample one of these delicious cupcakes while you wait?

  2. I had hoped, dear Ada, to lend you my sleuthing abilities in the Orient to bolster your own sometimes impetuous analysis of crime situations, but I find, unfortunately, that my passport has been confiscated.

    1. I suppose Interpol was always going to catch up with you one of these days, dear Mise. But never fear: Darren has packed a carrier pigeon, so modern technology will enable you to keep at least one step behind me as I dazzle in the Orient.

    1. How fortunate that you have refused a cupcake before you were offered one, my dear, for here in the cinema queue ‘Liz’ and ‘GJ’ have polished off the lot with not a word of thanks, and Shiny is now licking the last few crumbs off the plate.

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