Dear Reader,

I have been busy of late, meeting my staff and telling them how pleased they are to be working for me. But I have not forgotten you, dear Reader, as you flounder in the academic swamp, thrashing around around desperately in search of wise counsel.

It is time for another Rule.

As conference season approaches, now is the time to show you how to become the star of any conference. Since I lead by example, dear Reader, I can do no more than to present to you my most recent email exchanges with conference organisers in my own field.




email2You see, dear Reader? This is how to make a name for yourself in conference season.


10 thoughts on “Rule no. 8: Get Yourself Noticed on the Conference Circuit

  1. Oh dear, my dear Dr.

    What constitutes a convincing hat? I have been asked to speak at a conference in Brazil next September and was prepared to charm my audience with an appropriately bright frock–sans hat. I have no sense of protocol. I await with bated breath your seasoned and professional advice. Ten months is cutting it close as I am a rather indecisive fashion plate.

    The frock is chartreuse with a pattern of variegated pink peacock feathers (recommended by a very helpful Professor of Chinoiserie who wishes to remain anonymous).

    1. May I congratulate you, esteemed Dr End, on your use of the right kind of bated. And I feel sure that your chartreuse frock with trimmings would make a fine curtain and lampshade set. I shall do a special post just for you on the correct use of hats at public gatherings at some point over the next semester.

      1. As always, I pour over your advise. I have no conferences to attend in the near future but urgently need a suitable hat for house tidying. What say you?

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