Dear Reader,

Today the entire University Lacrosse team was discovered floating face down in the koi carp pond.

Whatever can this mean?


Occasionally, some of my special Readers may see an advertisement, snipped out of the local classifieds and presented below for their delectation.


I am told that it is possible to pay the faceless internet behemoth on which I post this blog a blood sum and that such crude advertisements will then vanish into thin air, just as the University Lacrosse Team’s Runners-Up Cup (UWL-Taizhou 2014 Tour) has done. But I shall not see the Pro-Vice-Chancellor’s Drinks Fund used so irresponsibly.



4 thoughts on “Frightful news

  1. I hated lacrosse at school. If I’d had a koi carp pond to fling myself into, in order to get out of playing I would of/ have. My special Readers’ advertisement was for cross cut shredders. Uncanny. How do they know?

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