You interrupt me, dear Reader, as I am concluding my phone call to the editor of the Daily Hulusi, Taizhou’s finest organ and the sister paper of our beloved Daily Wind Instrument.

‘I just wanted to tell you, dear Rupert, that poor, dear May-Ling and Ai-Ling are lagging far behind their classmates’, I say. ‘May-Ling is struggling to use an online rhyming dictionary, while Ai-Ling’s trauma narrative written from the point of view of a turnip is at least a fortnight overdue. How tragic it is that your daughters have not inherited your own ability to turn a phrase.’*

I listen carefully while the phone sqwawks at me.

‘Oh no,’ I say. ‘I cannot accept hard liquor alone’.

There is another sqwawk, followed by the sound of a keyboard clattering.

‘At last you catch my drift, dear boy’, I say. ‘I will check it now, as well as my bank account’.

I hang up, and nod to Darren.

Darren presses a button on his console, and the projector beams an image of the Daily Hulusi’s twitter feed before us.

It reads:

UWL Taizhou Universe-Leading Tip-Top Best Eva #REF2014 #DoNotBelieveOthers #Porkypies #DisgracefulBragging #RuneologyTriumphant #LongLiveDrA #Yay

My job is done, dear Reader.


*I hope you have not forgotten my pawns students, dear Reader.


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