I had a delivery this morning, dear Reader.

For a brief, dizzying moment I thought I recognised your hand.*

Then I opened the envelope.


And on the inside, a gentle note from dear, dear Daisy:


It seems I must try harder, dear Reader.


*I am still waiting for your card and thoughtful gift.


5 thoughts on “The Spirit of Christmas

  1. The switchboard is on fire, dear Reader, alerting Taizhou HQ to the fact that Darren temporarily mislaid the words ‘Spirit of Christmas’ in the title when he pressed the button marked ‘publish, dammit’. No more mulled wine for you, dear boy.

  2. In the Spirit of Christmas, dear Dr. Ada, a box of freshly baked Snickerdoodles is in the post…has been in the post for some weeks now…I am dismayed they have not reached you yet. Are your pawns altogether trustworthy when it comes to baked goods? Cinnamon, butter and sugar are so corrupting.

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