On Christmas Eve, dear Reader, Shiny and I were horrified pleasantly surprised to hear the whirring blades of the Lamb Family’s Chinook overhead, and the thud as Babykins missed the Humanities Lighthouse helipad and landed in Jade’s parking space.

The Lamb Clan has gathered once more.

I thought you might like to see a few polaroids of our Christmas dinner together, dear, inquisitive Reader.

You remember Billy, of course, falsely accused of arson? Here he is, in charge of the crackers.


And here’s a snap of Pa ‘Safecracker Lamb, Jo ‘Whiskers’ Lamb, and Edgar ‘Fop’ Lamb, gathering under the mistletoe to discuss their compensatory facial hair.


The twins, playing dead –


Great-Uncle Herbert, Master of Disguise –


Babykins, sent outside to play –


Ma ‘Roast Potatoes’ Lamb, ready to carve the turkey, and Mary ‘Had a Little’ Lamb, with sprouts –


And last of all, dear, sweet Brian, nestling in a bed of profiteroles.


And now, dear Reader, I would like to raise a glass of my finest absinthe to you all.


7 thoughts on “A Feast for the Eyes

  1. Dear Dr Ada PhD

    What wonderful happy pics of your yuletide gathering. I have it on good authority, however, that, instead of the usual New Year’s Eve Hokey Cokey, the Clan is rehearsing its own number for the entertainment of the locals, based loosely on a number from the Folies Bergere. So the big question is: Can the Clan can can? One looks forward if so to what I am sure will be the YouTube clip of the year once it gets a disease or goes viral or whatever it is called…

    1. Alas, dear Nunkyton, it is so hard to keep up with Sony these days. Last night we finished filming, but this morning’s Daily Hulusi headline reads: CLAN CAN-CAN IN THE CAN THEN CANNED. CANT SAYS DEFIANT STAR ADA. YES WE CAN!

      I have to lie down now, dear Nunkyton. Sometimes the modern world is too much.

  2. Alas, there is no profit in profiteroles. Perhaps we could all chip in to have that sentiment engraved on the poor bursar’s headstone.

    Prosperous New Year to the Lamb family.

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