Dear Reader,

What an exhausting morning I have had here in Taizhou posing for the photographers who turned up at the very crack of dawn this morning armed with spotlights and cameras in a van marked 法医病理学.

‘Do feel free to remove your latex gloves,’ I said as they trooped in. ‘There is no need to stand on ceremony here’.

Dear Reader. What a whirlwind of publicity it was. First I was told to stand to one side, so that they could photograph the room inch by inch. Then I was told to stand by the fireplace, beneath dear Jenny, as they sprinkled the room with dust and then turned the lights off. What a lovely, seasonal scene it presented, dear Reader, all white and fluorescent blue! (although it did show up the tea stains on the skirting boards – I must have a word with Lu-Seal).

‘And will I be in next month’s issue?’, I said to the rather taciturn photographer as she rolled my index finger across an ink pad and measured the distance between my hairline and my eyebrow.

She grunted as she tweaked a hair from my lecturing hat and dropped it in a little plastic bottle, peered through a magnifying glass at the chaise longue formerly belonging to dear Sigmund, and then took my photograph full-face and in profile.

Alas, dear Reader, I did not receive confirmation of which particular issue of ‘Good Academia’ my office and I will be featured in, but if you keep an eye out at your local newsagent I am sure you will spot it soon.

In the meantime, dear Reader, here is a small snap of my office hatstand to whet your appetite, next to my Trojan Cockerel (so so kind of Dear Professor Mise).decanter









8 thoughts on “Good Academia

  1. You must accept my sincere apologies, dear Ada; when I had the bird couriered to you I thought it was an item of some size, and not the miserable little pipsqueak of a decanter you depict. Advertisements can be so deceptive.

    1. Oh dear, my dear, you have been deceived once again by your squint and a trick of the light. The cockerel is mighty, and had to be manoeuvred into place by no fewer than six members of the Taizhou hurling team.

  2. 法医病理学 came to see me to thank you kindly. I did not immediately understand the Chinese, 篡改证据 for ‘tampering with the evidence’, but luckily was able to point to the tea stains as proof of my non-involvement in your office cleansing.

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