Dear Reader,

There has been an email.

In case it has unaccountably been placed in your spam folder, I cite it below in full.


‘From: Bob, Salty (Ass.Prof, Runeological Studies)

To: All-staff (China, UK, Kazakhstan)



Dear colleagues,

I am writing to draw to your attention the fact that the full-colour feature article featuring me (‘I am the Best in Runeology’, Daily Hulusi, Sunday Supplement, March 14 2015) has disappeared from the Runeology noticeboard.

I am very disappointed that the department famed for its devotion to intellectual inquiry, and which I have single-handedly raised to the very top of the league tables, should manifest such behavior.

I have replaced the article with a photocopy enlarged to 150%. I trust that this shall not be removed.

If it is, I shall replace it.

And I shall continue to replace it.

I am happy for anyone to disagree with me. You know where to find me should you wish to discuss this further.

Best wishes,

Professor Salty Bob

Assistant Professor in Cognitive Runeology

Chair, Runeological Neurolinguistics Group

Chevalier d’honneur, Services to Runeology’







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