Dear Reader,

I think you may have dropped this.

DrA_ staff meeting


18 thoughts on “I Think You Dropped This

  1. Ah thank you, dear Ada; it must have fallen from my grasp when I waved to a few of my fans as I walked through the campus yesterday. I am also missing a few other things; perhaps you have them too? They are as follows:

    – about EUR 78,700 in an assortment of foreign currencies in an Aspinal of London pink alligator-skin wallet
    – a letter from Prof Ser Basil confirming my appointment to a very senior position to be vacated in the next week (private and confidential)
    – a rose gold Rolex watch, diamond-encrusted, engraved with my name and a little message of thanks from the Finnish Ambassador.

    1. I have not seen any of these objets, dear Mise, especially not the watch inscribed ‘Rakas, kiitos kirjallisesti minun PhD’. Have you tried the Happy Burger Inc Sad Suitcase Lost Property Hub?

  2. Thanks Prof thats mine. Let me know if you will be needing more stuffing. Regards SQNutkin
    ‘Making the Earth Move 4 U’

  3. Does anyone know how many biccies a cat eats per meal?? Is 1 kilo enough? Thanks for picking up my minutes Dr Ada, I must have dropped them in all the confusion.

  4. Hi proffessor Lamb!! I guess I dropped these when you asked me to leave the room so you could discuss student matters more privatley. BTW I waited 4 u to call me back in 4 2.5 hrs. Just saying. 😦 Love May-Ling XX

  5. I may be lean and feline, with a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan, but I do not know the whereabouts of that cat. And yes, those are mine.

    1. I passed a wonderful-looking establishment on my way to work this morning, dear Fu, advertising ‘EYE AND BROW TREATMENTS’, and ‘FULL FACIAL SEAWEED WRAPS’. No appointment necessary, said the bold lettering on the window. Perhaps you should look into this?

  6. Has anyone seen my Montblanc Meisterstück Solitaire Classique Sterling Silver Fountain Pen?
    I think I dropped it near the artichoke beds. It was a present from a well-wisher.

    1. You dropped my Christmas present to you, dear Lucille? How careless. I’m afraid that this year you will have to content yourself with a clementine in the toe of your stocking. I am not made of montblanc pens, you know. PS remind me where you get your special ink from, my dear.

  7. Does anyone know how to turn off these comments?
    Oh and yup those are mine Dr A. Mum will be in later she says so she will pick them up.


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