This is a public service announcement from Darren’s Mum. Dr A. is off celebrating the shortlisting of her fictional construct, Carol Adlam, in the World Illustration Awards.

I told her, just before she went off out foreign with my Darren in attendance. Make your sock puppet something dependable, I said. Not one of your idealistic artistic types. Make sure you think up a name completely different from your own, and if you must develop a backstory, for the love of all things holy do not make her a former academic.

But nobody ever listens to me. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Darren’s Mum


Chief IT Officer, CERN

Large Hadron Collider

under Geneva



P.S. Darren I have fixed the problem with the comments and have ironed your Harley Davidson t-shirt.






4 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement

  1. Oh, how tremendous, dear Ada; the stratosphere awaits you! I hope there will be a celebratory tea-dance at which I can wear my red wedding dress. No occasion has justified it in the past ten years.

    1. I am issuing the invitations to the annual sock puppet tea dance as we speak, dear Mise, and yours is at the top of the pile, specifying full wedding garb only. I myself will be wearing my Louboutins.

  2. Wowser. That’s one hell of a CV dear Ada. I too have a red wedding dress. Yes Really! I wore it to my son’s wedding. I am planning to wear it to The Summer Exhibition to clash with the pink walls. Quite understand though if my invitation is at the bottom of the pile and rather dog eared.

    1. I have ironed your invitation to the Red Wedding Dress summer tea party, dear Lucille. Will Lucinda be joining us as well? I myself was wrapped in cerise on my own glorious wedding day. My companion wore grey, being of a retiring nature.

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