I have asked Darren to deliver this post-haste, dear Reader.



11 thoughts on “Ser Basil Stop!

  1. Perhaps you can help me, dear Ada. As you know, my eyesight is not what it used to be and my text-reading software is struggling with this typed missive. Could it finally be the confirmation I have been waiting for that you have been formally deposed and that I, the important incumbent, am to take your place immediately with a view to setting higher standards, or ‘any standards at all’ as Ser Basil so amusingly puts it?

    1. Why, sometimes, dear Reader, I sense a rival hand upon the tiller of my gripping narrative. Let me assure you that Ser Basil refers to ‘calamitous declines in standards’ with regard to the maths department only.

    1. I imagine there would be a lot more cheating around these parts, dear Polly (if I may!), without your firm and unbiased umpiring. My tally reads deuce (advantage [illegible]).

      Ever yours,

      1. It is more becoming than the usual psycophant persona I affect, don’t you think? One must adapt if one aspires.

      2. I note you are back from a trip to England, dear Nib’s End, and I certainly hope you found it enjoyable, but why not Ireland, with its infinitely richer heritage, striking architecture, great national wealth, and renowned people, one of whom is soon to take up her new Vice-Chancellor position in foreign fields?

      3. May I be the first to offer my congratulations dear Mise? And I am so sorry to have missed Dr Polly in Borough Market – a favourite hangout.

      4. It is almost as if there had been a party in the SCR overnight, what with all the confetti, the ‘Welcome to the Heart of Olde London Town, Dr Polly’ bunting, the ‘Congratulations, dear Mice’ banner (sign writers are so unreliable these days), the empty champagne fountain, the vol-au-vents trampled underfoot, etc. I do hope the Deputy Under-Janitor will soon be in to undertake her statutory mopping duties?

  2. If you had been anywhere near the Market, Lucille, you couldn’t have missed me. I was the bird in the corner wolfing the venison burger and howling at the patisserie. I shrink to think any vol-au-vents were trampled. I am usually as gentle as a Lamb.

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