Ser Basil is smoking.

No, I do not mean a Havana cigar, dear Reader.

The hem of his pinstripe trousers appears to be smouldering.

A brief, brilliant flame shoots up.

Ser Basil, dear Reader, is spontaneously combusting before my very eyes.

After a while, Lu-Seal appears.

She tuts.

‘I’ll just pop these ashes in here’, she says, picking up an object from her trolley.

It is the fourth Urn, dear Reader.

Lu-Seal sweeps up Ser Basil, puts a lid on him, and writes, ‘1952-2015. Professor Ser Basil Agrimony Stevia Lovage, son of Lupin and Marigold Lovage (Props. Lovage Lettuces Grocery Store), father of Asafetida, dearly beloved Vice-Chancellor, University of the World of Laminate.’

The fourth Urn, dear Reader, has been filled at last.


6 thoughts on “Ashes to Ashes

  1. I suppose he deserved it with that bit about the dangling plot lines. That’s two birds despatched with one stone. Bravissima.

  2. Woe, alas, alack,doom, caloo, calay. O frabjous day.This is clearly the End Of Civilisation As We Know It. Clearly, the Dear Leader (no, not that one – this one) has reached his apotheosis and left this blighted planet to reincarnate himself of a distant heavenly body – Pluto, perhaps – where he can found a New World – or simply sit and twiddle his thumbs. If his celestial Oyster Card will get him that far, that is. Life will never be the same again.

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